2 Year Old Girl Gets Mauled by 7 Pitbulls

Pitbull attack

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I have seen several pitbull attacks…not a pretty sight. A Pitbull tried to attack my dog and I kicked it so hard that he knew not to come back for more.



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1 thought on “2 Year Old Girl Gets Mauled by 7 Pitbulls”

  1. pit bulls are strange dogs– i bred doberman pinchers for 30 years… you can trust a doberman but not a pit bull…they tend to freak out very easily.. definitely the people should be held responsible for this horrible loss..i am glad to read the dogs were euthanized … hopefully this will ring out among pit bull druggies… i trust a rotweiller with a kid but never a pit bull…savage dogs to say the least..

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