2009: Alex Jones on the Iranian News Four Hours After the Ft Hood Attack

Steve Cooper

I had to redo this entire post since the first one was lost while I was moving over my massive archives to this new website.

Alex Jones sounds like a propagandist for the Iranians to me; and that is clear during this interview after the Ft Hood shooting that took place in 2009. The Iranian and Russian media are STATE RUN and there is no way that you can constantly be a guest on their news unless you are a tool of their propaganda arm.

Alex Jones kept blaming post traumatic stress disorder for the Ft Hood shooting during this interview rather than Muslim terrorism. It was already known that the alleged shooter had a Muslim name by the time that this interview was done. The interview took place just 4 hours after Major Hassan allegedly killed his fellow soldiers.

Then Jones was used to plant the false flag seed by stating “this was possibly a staged event” and then later mentioned that it could be used to justify these immoral and unpopular wars to the American people.

Jones kept saying “I just pray that this wasn’t a politically motivated event” to plant a conspiracy seed to defend Muslims.

Now you all know why I wasn’t too happy when Alex Jones took on Piers Morgan on gun control, because I believe that it was staged to make gun owners look crazy and radical. Jones was screaming Hitler and then ranting on about the 9/11 attacks being an inside job.

Major Hassan was allegedly linked to an Imam that had direct ties to the Iranian Government. This connection links the Ft Hood shooting to Iran, but it was covered up as ‘work place violence’ by the Obama Administration.


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2 thoughts on “2009: Alex Jones on the Iranian News Four Hours After the Ft Hood Attack”

  1. Thanks for creating this blog post, Steve. It’s greatly appreciated. I plan to post the link to it everywhere that I’ve seen Jones praised and spoken of as a conservative and a good guy for his interview by Morgan, and anything else, for that matter.

  2. “Then Jones was used to plant the false flag seed” and “to plant a conspiracy seed”

    There are many conspiracy theories floating around and have been for years. It is fully understandable that Alex Jones would have such a theory (it is only natural). We all know that conspiracies are all around us today had have been for years. For example

    * The United States government conducted the 9/11 attacks.
    * The 2010 Haiti earthquake was caused by US government weapons testing.
    * Water fluoridation is part of a Communist and/or Fascist and/or New World Order and/or Illuminati plot to take over the world.
    * The assassination of John F. Kennedy was ordered by the CIA and/or the FBI, and/or the Secret Service and/or the KGB and/or right-wing groups and/or right-wing individuals and/or President Lyndon Johnson and/or pro- or anti-Castro Cubans and/or the military and/or industrial groups allied with the military. Of the over 1000 books on the subject more than 95% discuss one or more of these conspiracies.
    * The suppression of electric car technology has been largely done by big oil and gas firms.
    * Who/what caused the car crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales.
    * The forced transition to digital television broadcasting is the practical the realization of the “Big Brother” concept.

    If you want to generate a conspiracy theory you need to get it out fast. You need to get the basic idea when the full facts are not known and you need to get it out there first. I see nothing wrong about that.

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