3,000 Useful Idiots Protest for MORE Gun Control in DC

Steve Cooper


The Elite want to disarm the people rather than fix the economy. #Bloomberg #NRA


These brainwashed protesters are your friends, neighbors and family members. They are a danger to freedom for the future of the country and the world. Once the USA slips into communism…so will the rest of the world. Isolate people like this from your life..if possible.

The Democrats are using the uneducated middle class as tools. They obviously have no clue about history.

Liberals have always blamed gun violence on economic issues, but the last few mass shooting suspects came from wealthy families. Educators are brainwashing the youth to become anti-social, anti-capitalist and anti-American. Today’s youth embrace killers like Che Guevara, because they are being brainwashed to do so. These mass shootings are a revolt against society by Revolutionaries.

Democrat enslavement of the Black Community to social programs is to blame for the violence in the black community. Liberals never complain about the gun violence in the ghetto, because it helps to cut down the dependents that their tax dollars has to pay for.

Socialism depends on a ‘balanced population’ otherwise the math doesn’t work. This is why Marxists kill their own people, because they have to. That balance is maintained in the black community by abortion and guns.

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  1. Agree its why I have very few friends and dont talk to a lot of my family…tired of looking and listening to stupid.

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