42 years after Vietnam testimony, Kerry returns to Congress with Syria plea

In 1971, a young Naval lieutenant named John Kerry pleaded with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to stop a war. Four decades later, Kerry will return to that same committee table, this time as Secretary of State, to advocate for U.S. military action in Syria.

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1 thought on “42 years after Vietnam testimony, Kerry returns to Congress with Syria plea”

  1. This Elitist bastard wanted to be a hero in 1971. The only thing achieved by his little show of leading the other Vets to the WH Pond (can’t recall the name), was to SHAME the other soldiers left in Viet Nam. They had it worse than he did and that I know for a fact. I could tell you some stories alright. All Kerry achieved was #sheep hating soldiers and treating them like shit when they came home, calling them cowards and baby killers. To be honest, I think he should be held to blame for PTSD. You would not believe how much more brutal it became in nam after this BASTARD spoke at the hearings FOR HIS OWN personal gain, which as we found out did come. Money, fame, etc.
    SO he says things weren’t to so COMPLICATED during VN? The world wasn’t so complicated? WTH? This is what happens when you play ball with the DEVIL. HE WILL ALWAYS WIN.
    We have more than one devil in the White House to besure…..

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