8,000 People Per Day Join the NRA Since the CT Shooting

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Steve Cooper

The people have spoken, BUT do the people really have a voice anymore? Not according to extremist, Dianne Feinstein.

Sen. Feinstein admitted that she had been working on this assault weapons ban for over one year, but I guess she was waiting for the perfect tragedy to exploit. What is better than exploiting the death of 18 children? Right Senator? Never let a good crisis go to waste.


Could Dianne Feinstein be considered a ‘domestic enemy’ if she purposely tried to undermine the 2nd Amendment?


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  1. or she knew what was coming. i would not put it past the traitor to be in league with those behind all these mass shootings

      1. DiFI, of course! She has been waiting for a golden opportunity like this to exploit as an excuse to shove her sick agenda down our throats. Remember her “Mr. and Mrs. America turn’em all in” speech?

  2. the same people who back the fraud in the wh, soros, putin,the international communist conspiracy, the bilderbergers, muslims, probably a mix of all of them, basically those who want to destroy america, you can’t complete that mission with an armed citizenry

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