9/11 Truthers and Anti-War Leftists adore Ron Paul

Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster.com

Compare the 9/11 Truther sites to the communist Anti-War websites and then take a close look at who they support for President in 2012. Ron Paul. I can’t explain it any easier than that. – Steve Cooper

It makes me furious when these talking heads on Cable News repeat the same lies about Ron Paul. They say that his followers are “devoted and enthusiastic”, but they really should be calling Paul’s followers “radical left wing fanatics”. They all overwhelmingly love Russia Today as their news source and they defend Al Qaeda any chance that they can get. They are propagandists for the enemy.

The other lie is when they call Ron Paul the ‘most conservative’ of the presidential candidates. Conservatives are NOT anti-Israel or Isolationists like Ron Paul. Fox News is even guilty of telling these lies and I seem to be the only site on the Internet with the guts to expose this fraud and his merry band of Soviet/Anarchist base.

This website has gotten more death threats from Libatrd-arian Ron Paul, 9/11 Truther loons than anyone else.

Kiss my ass, because I can not be intimidated….


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