92 million Americans NOT in work force

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4 thoughts on “92 million Americans NOT in work force”

  1. Now for the good news. Millions of illegal aliens are working in America. They are hired for almost nothing.
    Even better news. Many companies like Pfizer, Google, Microsoft, etc. have many openings right here in the US. They are hiring, but mainly non-US workers (not the unemployed folk). But if you want the job you probably need to take a pay cut match the $$ offered the foreign workers. Only problem is you may not be able to pay off your student loans with the little you will be making (but then that is not the companies problem).


  2. To me it looks like a way to form a permanent under class in the US who will be employed but for next to nothing so that a few can be super rich. The folks who work at Walmart are examples of the new underclass while the Walton family members are the rich part of the equation.

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