Muslim Assassin Tries to Kill Philly Cop: “I did it in the name of Islam”

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Steve Cooper

BUT Obama wants to disarm YOU….

Is Political correctness making it harder to prevent Muslim terror attacks?

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Liberal ‘race baiting’ rhetoric IS protecting Muslim terrorists. Left wing extremists immediately blamed the NRA after the San Bernadino terror attacks to cover for the Muslim involvement since they are allies in this revolution against the West and Capitalism.

Someone asked me “How come Obama doesn’t mention Islamic terrorism?”

First, Leftists want Americans to be confused who the real enemy is since they want to lump ALL of you eventually onto the terror watch list. This is why they are targeting LEGAL gun owners.

Leftists are fighting the US, Israel and Capitalism via Muslim terrorism as a proxy for decades. The Iran Deal was proof that Obama is united with Russia and Iran (behind the scenes). Since 9/11, Russia and China would threaten WW III if anyone dared to threaten their terror proxy Iran.

Iran uses Sunni Al Qaeda as a proxy. Iran uses the Sunni – Shiite bloodshed as a cover for their alliance with Sunni terrorist groups. How come these Sunni terrorist groups never attack Iran if they are at war with the Shiites?

US Generals have testified numerous times in front of Congress about the Iranian link to Al Qaeda. The media reports about it for one day and then drops it immediately. They want the American people to believe that these terrorist groups aren’t State sponsored, but that is false.

How come ISIS attacks the West instead of Assad? (Who they claim to be at war with). ISIS attacks and threatens the same countries who had sanctions against Russia and Iran. This is no coincidence. The media covers up these very valid points since they are more controlled by the US Government than you believe.

The Russian FSB and CIA have been playing a cat and mouse game with Muslim terrorists for decades to undermine each other as opposed to the inevitable, an all out nuclear war.

Medvedev: US Mideast policy contributed to rise of #ISIS

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Steve Cooper

Russia’s terror proxy Iran started this all by aiding the 9/11 hijackers. I bet Putin not only knew about 9/11, but also had the FSB be part of the planning. Obama and the Russians are making deals behind the scenes. They are all from the same mold.

Journalist asks Alex Jones: “Why are you still alive? Are you really working for them?”

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The journalist on this BBC program ‘read my mind’. I was just thinking who is Alex Jones really working for and where does he get his propaganda from?

I believe Jones is a provocateur for the Communists to incite people into starting a revolution. Sure, he shouts about Obama, but that is part of his cover to draw Conservatives into his web of lies. Just like Rand and Ron Paul do. I would love to know if Alex Jones was professionally trained by the CIA or FSB.

Conservatives have no clue that they are being spun around in circles with deception and lies coming from many different players. Conservatives also have no clue that Alex Jones is part of the conspiracy to make them look like extremists and crazy.

Mixed reactions towards Michelle Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I could see why people are applauding Michelle Obama for not wearing a veil, but the Saudi’s are a necessary ally since Iran is the bigger terrorist threat in the region. They do have their traditions and Michelle could have stayed in India or Washington if she didn’t want to abide by their Islamic customs. I bet many of the Left would have called Michelle Obama an ‘Islamophobe’ is she were a white Republican.

As far as Iran goes: Just ask the Israeli’s who they are more worried about. Iran is their #1 enemy and that goes for the US too.

Obama is siding with Iran since this is what Moscow desires. The Saudi King hated Obama, because he knows the man is a FSB/KGB stooge.

I did see a photo of Laura Bush with the Saudi King and she wasn’t wearing a veil either. I bet Leftists didn’t support her like they are doing with Michelle Obama.

Concern about Isis attacking the US

Conservative News Update:

The reports that Isis will come to US to commit terrorism is true and this is why:

  • Obama withdrew US Troops from Iraq. So, there is no reason for Isis to stay there.
  • Isis is really Al Qaeda (both are hired Iranian Sunni proxies). I believe the name was changed from Al Qaeda to Isis to protect Ayman Zawahiri, the current Al Qaeda leader since Bin Laden was killed. Zawahiri has publicly ‘disowned’ Isis, but what would you expect him to say? This puts the attention onto someone else.
  • Alexander Litvenenko (a former KGB agent that was poisoned in London) claimed that  Ayman Zawahiri was trained by the Russian Intelligence (FSB). Putin wants to protect his long time friend and Isis is the answer to Zawahiri’s prayers.

What would I do if I were charge?

  • I would have left US Troops in Iraq and then attacked Iran to move the front line there. Russia and China would be very upset since Iran is their #1 terrorist proxy that they use to attack the US with.
  • Iran would have been at a huge disadvantage since the US had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suspect the real reason Bush attacked Iraq was to have Iran surrounded since they assisted the 9/11 hijackers.



Russian authorities withheld information on Boston attack, report says

Conservative News Update:

Russian authorities withheld information that could have prevented the Boston Marathon terror attack, but instead they allowed the attack to take place. I have said this since DAY ONE, but the brainwashed sheep would tell me “Russia warned the FBI”. Even the so called experts in the media kept repeating the words “Russia warned the FBI”, but it was a half truth.

Read my archives, I was the only one in the media that stated the FBI was set up by the Russian FSB. The Boston terror attack really had the Kremlin’s finger prints on it.

Important facts about why the Soviets staged the collapse of the USSR

Conservative News Update:


A Conservative Monster fan from Facebook mentioned how Ronald Reagan tamed the Soviets, but I explained that the deception behind the U.S. winning the Cold War and the Berlin Wall falling was all planned before Reagan was even President. A KGB defector warned the US what Russia had planned.

That was all part of a strategic plan. Lenin even staged a ‘false democracy ‘ during his reign to clear the financial obligations of the Soviet Union and to lower the West’s guard to the Communist threat.

The Soviets needed something ‘spectacular’ so the West would believe that the Soviet Union did collapse during the 90’s. What was more spectacular than the Berlin Wall falling? If Reagan were alive today, I believe that he would admit (privately) the Soviets pulled a fast one on us.

When the USSR staged their collapse during the 90’s: Their debt was forgiven and they got financial aid from DC as well. Also, the genocide in the Republics was out of their control. That was a good way to lower the population. Weapons were sold by rogue Generals to terrorist nations like Iran. Moscow put up their hands, but they condoned it all. It was a TRAP.

The Russians knew that they could send KGB/FSB agents into the Republics that broke off and control them from within anyway via threats and murder. They knew they could just take back the Republics whenever they wanted as well. This is what Putin has on his mind now.

So, you believe that Al Qaeda just happened to declare war on the U.S. several years after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Another brilliant reason why the Soviets staged their collapse was so these Republics could infiltrate NATO and the UN. The Russians could now control more votes and seats in the UN by controlling these former Republics. Infiltration of NATO was key to stealing secrets that Moscow saw as a security threat as well.

The Kremlin also sells weapons to terrorists via Belarus, their proxy for weapons sales.

Read my archives on Russia for more.


Does U.S. & Russian Intelligence know where the missing Malaysian Jet is?

Conservative News Update:

I am starting to think of some pretty outrageous scenarios regarding the missing Malaysian Jet since there has been no debris found from this plane. At first, I dismissed this Jet as another casualty of a suitcase bomb, but that would have been easier it seems. Of course Iran is involved in my scenario since they are the #1 player with Global Muslim terrorism.

Many people believe that the CIA and the Russian FSB know where this missing Malaysian Jet is, but aren’t saying. I do agree with that. This could be much more sinister than you all believe since we are already on the door step of a World War thanks to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and their involvement with building Iran’s nuclear plants despite Israel’s concerns. Is this is more psych warfare from the Kremlin and the Iranians. I believe so. Will they try to frame the West? Very possible.

Iran believes that Israel will bomb their nuke plants soon. In fact, Russia agreed to build more nuke plants for Iran this past week during the Malaysian ‘distraction’. The passengers that were aboard the Malaysian Jet would make great ‘human shields’ for Iran to protect their bases and nuke plants from an Israeli attack.

Many analysts have also suggested this plane could be painted and filled with explosives to be used to bring a ‘9/11 on steroids’ to any city that it is flown into. Think about that scenario for a minute. This is also possible.

I want to go on the record with this just in case this scenario does materialize.

Incidents like this missing jet that has so many unanswered questions usually are Russian or Iranian orchestrated. This news about the Malaysian jet ‘mysteriously’ disappearing reeks of Marxist and Muslim deception. Many of you seem to forget that the Russian KGB/FSB controls Russia even though they appear like a Democracy from the outside. Russia is a criminal organization that uses oil money and weapons sales to fuel Muslim terrorism so the price of oil rises. Liberals and Libertarians don’t seem to shout “No blood for oil” when the Russians have their fingerprints on the chaos. Isn’t that interesting?

The Russians badly needed a distraction to get the invasion of the Ukraine out of the news. Plus, this ‘missing jet’ was a great diversion for their NEW nuclear deal with Iran.

Here is a question: “Who would stop Iran if they did hijack the Malaysian jet and parked it on their turf?” The answer is NOBODY.