Communists Hiding as ‘Libertarians’

A 9/11 Truther, Ron Paul Loon just called me a racist. These Libertarians are really Communists. I see it so clearly, but Fox News lacks the balls to speak the truth about the Communist agenda. ‘Class warfare’ is as far as they will go. Wow, that is real brave. – Steve Cooper

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It is the goal of ‘Communist Libertarians’ to convert the Tea Party into one big anti-war movement.

It is the goal of ‘Communist Libertarians’ to convert the Tea Party into one big anti-war movement. “Occupation’ and ‘Imperialism’ are communist code words. These Soviet puppets are strangling global defense against International Communism. Ron Paul didn’t create the Tea Party; his robots infiltrated it. – Steve Cooper

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Trump “The days of disastrous Obamacare are finally coming to an end”

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Steve Cooper

IGNORE LIBERTARIANS…they can never be trusted. NEVER!

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Gary Johnson asks: ‘What is Aleppo?’

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Steve Cooper

Libertarians are dangerous left wingers who infiltrated the GOP to destroy it from within. They shout “Liberty” to cover for their treason.

Brad Thor in Denial: “Glenn Beck is on Vacation”


Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

People actually listen to these Libertarian nut jobs. Thor finally realized that Beck was suspended by Sirius and it wasn’t a ‘troll internet rumor’. Of course Dana Loesch, (the beets saleswoman) defended Beck and Thor. She’s an obedient secretary.

I can’t reply to Dana Loesch’s tweet since she blocked me.

Should Leftist Professors be arrested for ‘Indoctrinating the Youth’?

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Communist Professors are using the US Constitution as a ‘human shield’. This is a danger to freedom.

This complicated topic can’t be covered with just a ‘tweet’. So, here is an editorial that I believe is very important.

Communist revolutionaries are using the US Constitution as protection from being prosecuted for Sedition. Leftists attacked me on Twitter after I made claims that “Communist Professors need to be arrested for Sedition”.

The Leftists replied that they are protected from being arrested for sedition by the Yates vs U.S. judgement. This is true.

Here is MY POINT:

I believe the US is in a ‘State of Emergency’ from enemies within due to ‘University Indoctrination’ of the youth to be Anti-American and Anti-Capitalism. Martial Law is the only thing that will save the Republic since enemies within are being protected by the US Constitution and they know this. They are brazen due to this feeling of invincibility.

Libertarians go insane when I mention this since many of them are really closet communists when you look at their views against Israel, Banks, National Defense and Corporations. Liberals and Libertarians tend be the biggest defenders of Muslim terrorists and pushers of the 9/11 Truther movement.

The 9/11 Truther movement was a propaganda campaign that was created to deflect blame for the attacks away from Iran and Islam. Muslims and Leftists are the biggest of the 9/11 Truther movement. The former Iranian President, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez have all used Truther propaganda in the past to deflect blame away from Iran and towards the US and Israel.

Do you want to save your Country? I’ve spent many years of thought on this subject and Martial Law is the only way to save the Country. It can’t and won’t be declared by Obama. Hopefully, we will have a leader rise up with the guts to do it.

Did you ever think in your lifetime that you would see a known Communist like Bernie Sanders run for President and have so many followers? They are a ‘grave’ danger to freedom.

The Southern Poverty Law Center declared The Conservative Monster a hate website in 2012 for me daring to mention the subject of McCarthyism. I certainly hit a nerve and they felt threatened by it. They immediately added The Conservative Monster to their ‘blacklist’. Why are they so afraid of McCarthyism? Feeling guilty?


Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

I’ve been shouting about Iran’s involvement with 9/11 for over 10 years and it makes Libertarians go ballistic since many of them are closet liberals. Of course, Iran was acting as a proxy of Russia since they would never assist in an operation as large as 9/11 without permission from the Kremlin.

Putin probably gave Iran the green light for 9/11 after George Bush gave a May 2001 speech in Europe about Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO. I bet this sent Putin into a rage.

Why would Bush tinker with Russian States joining NATO? There was intelligence that Russia was planning a proxy attack against the US since Soviet defectors have warned about this for years.

Thanks Brandon…