Libertarians are Hoping That the Russians Will Liberate the USA from Obama…

Steve Cooper

People, wake up…the only thing that the Russians want to do… is shoot you in the head.

The article below from Pravda was written by a Russian, but many times I have seen Libertarians on the Internet hoping for Putin to liberate them from Obama.

Are all Libertarians on drugs or what? It would be a good scheme to fool Americans; to plan a Russian invasion into the USA through Mexico with little resistance. Heck, Obama would be in on it…

I see Libertarians praising the Russian media all of the time and they have no clue that they are being manipulated. The sheep are so BRAINWASHED…

The RUSSIANS want Obama to disarm the people so there is no insurgency when they GET HERE. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Ron Paul Libertarians Seeking to Undermine Romney and the Republicans

Steve Cooper

I predicted on my Facebook page that the betrayal and lies by Ron Paul followers would commence soon after Romney chose his running mate. The ‘closet leftist’ Libertarians did not disappoint me.

Don’t these leftists have a window to smash somewhere?

The Ron Paul crowd bashes Obama, because that is part of their deception to be accepted into the Tea party and by Republicans. The average Tea party rookie has no clue about communist propaganda and the liars that spread it. These Libertarians really want Obama, because many of them know he will bring the revolution that they have been aching for.

You won’t like the results of the Revolution. Just ask the Cubans and Christians of Egypt how well it worked for them.

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Liberty Ideals@libertyideals

Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012 #libertarian


Dwayne moore@nationdivided

Most national polls now have obama up by 9 points over romney I would say romney is the worst canidate in modern history we need RON PAUL!


Ron Paul News@RonPaulNews

Governor Paul LePage Threatens RNC Boycott If Maine Ron Paul Delegates Are Not Seated! #ronpaul| Daily Paul




Ron Paul News@RonPaulNews

Attention RNC Delegates! Ron Paul beats Obama and Romney with 58% favorability in national poll. #ronpaul| Daily Paul




Is Ron Paul Planning to Undermine the RNC Convention?

Video – Communist 9/11 Truther “We Love Dead Republicans”

Communists Hiding as ‘Libertarians’

A 9/11 Truther, Ron Paul Loon just called me a racist. These Libertarians are really Communists. I see it so clearly, but Fox News lacks the balls to speak the truth about the Communist agenda. ‘Class warfare’ is as far as they will go. Wow, that is real brave. – Steve Cooper

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It is the goal of ‘Communist Libertarians’ to convert the Tea Party into one big anti-war movement.

It is the goal of ‘Communist Libertarians’ to convert the Tea Party into one big anti-war movement. “Occupation’ and ‘Imperialism’ are communist code words. These Soviet puppets are strangling global defense against International Communism. Ron Paul didn’t create the Tea Party; his robots infiltrated it. – Steve Cooper

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IGNORE LIBERTARIANS…they can never be trusted. NEVER!

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Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Libertarians are dangerous left wingers who infiltrated the GOP to destroy it from within. They shout “Liberty” to cover for their treason.