Boston PD and Dept of Defense Doing Drills

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Steve Cooper

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It amazes me that people have to ask at this point “Why is this happening?”. The US is in a constant state of war and emergency. This is how Obama WANTS IT.

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Russian authorities withheld information on Boston attack, report says

Conservative News Update:

Russian authorities withheld information that could have prevented the Boston Marathon terror attack, but instead they allowed the attack to take place. I have said this since DAY ONE, but the brainwashed sheep would tell me “Russia warned the FBI”. Even the so called experts in the media kept repeating the words “Russia warned the FBI”, but it was a half truth.

Read my archives, I was the only one in the media that stated the FBI was set up by the Russian FSB. The Boston terror attack really had the Kremlin’s finger prints on it.

Saudi Boston Marathon Victim Sues Glenn Beck for Defamation

Conservative News Update:

Putin makes most of O’s ‘flexibility’ | Boston Herald

Conservative News Update:

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