Communist Revolutionary Loon Screams about Fascism on Tucker Carlson

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Steve Cooper

According to her Twitter page, Sunsara Taylor writes for a Revolution Newspaper. This woman is brainwashed and a danger to society. Her Professors need to be locked up along with her.

Obama was linked to Soviet Agent Frank Marshall Davis and terrorist Bill Ayers. Where was her outrage then?

Where was her outrage when Trump supporters were beaten in the streets?

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Obama’s Revolutionaries SMASH Car with Trump Signs

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Steve Cooper

Trump is going to smash these ROACHES…

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The Left Wing War Against the Police is a Lenin Revolutionary Tactic

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Steve Cooper

Police Officers look at me like I have three heads after I say “The war against the Police is part of a Marxist Revolutionary movement”. Why? Many of these big city Police Departments are run by Liberal regimes. They would never tell these officers the truth about why they are being assassinated.

I blame LIBERAL ACADEMIA for brainwashing the youth to admire Che Guevara. This is why they join revolutionary movements such as ISIS and Blacklivesmatter. Please share this article with every Police Officer you know.

François from France sent this article to me. Thank you once again….

Written by Diana West:

Lenin saw police as the front line of the enemy — the enemy, of course, being existing society, which had to be destroyed.

…at a certain stage in the development of democracy, it first welds together the class that wages a revolutionary struggle against capitalism — the proletariat — and enables it to crush, smash to smithereens, wipe off the face of the earth the bourgeois, even the republican-bourgeois, state machine — the standing army, the police and the bureaucracy — and to substitute for it a more democratic state machine, but a state machine nevertheless, in the shape of the armed masses of workers who develop into a militia in which the entire population takes part.


Black Lives Matter Protesters: “You can’t stop the Revolution”

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Steve Cooper

The media hides these videos of Black Lives Matter shouting for a revolution since they want to lower the guard of the American people to the Communist threat.

Shooting Police Officers is also part of starting a revolution to undermine the ‘social order’.

Obama has blood on his hands….

Communists Preparing for a Revolution 

This includes killing police officers too. Don’t be naive. 

The Revolutionary Communist Party
Preparing to lead an actual revolution to bring
about a radically new and better society:
the New Socialist Republic in North America.

Blacklivesmatter Leftists Call for a Revolution on Twitter

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Steve Cooper

I warned about this ‘revolution’ numerous times the past few years, but the sheep giggled. You won’t be giggling much longer. The goal is to create a crisis where Obama will void the Constitution via Executive Order to get rid of term limits so he can stay in power. This will be a left wing revolution, NOT a right wing revolution.

Big difference.

From now, until the election in Nov will be very turbulent.


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Leftists call for an Obama 3rd term on Twitter

Putin asks reporters to prevent ‘4th revolution’ in Russia

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Steve Cooper

Putin trying to censor the ‘free press’?

“Free press can be an enemy only for crooks, criminals and those who steal from the state budget. For the authorities as such, for those who serve their people such situation is impossible,” Putin stated.

Chicago: Bernie Sanders Supporters and Revolutionary Communists Protest Donald Trump

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Steve Cooper

What’s the real goal here? Sparking a Communist Revolution before the election to give Obama absolute powers before the election. We’ll see…

Donald Trump is a nationalist and this is driving the Globalists and Communists insane. I like that…

Thanks for sending me this video Barbara…

The Bernie Sanders Revolution Kicked Off in Chicago


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Steve Cooper

Every American should be outraged by the violent Socialist revolutionaries who shut down free speech. The US has become a banana republic. Bring the National Guard out to the next Trump event to shut down these Communist saboteurs.

It’s impossible to unite with left wing extremists. They must be arrested and isolated from society. They can’t be rehabilitated. #Chicago

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LaRouche: The Financial Crash Is On: Only a Transatlantic Policy Revolution Can Avert Disaster

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Lyndon LaRouche always sounded like a Kremlin propagandist to me. Does he know something that we don’t?