A Reader Asks: “How do I make my political page on Facebook more popular”?

Steve Cooper

A Conservative Monster fan asked me how to get his FB page more popular. This was my answer, but I added more for this editorial:

It is not easy my friend. Especially since people turn off anything that doesn’t have the Fox News stamp of approval on it …outside the main stream.

Also, there are so many anti Obama pages at this point and you have so much competition. People already belong to many and what has it accomplished? I am noticing a decline in traffic, because Obama won, people feel defeated and they should. I do too.

The people have been reduced to ranting on social media, because they have no vote or voice anymore due to voter fraud, media bias and Republican collaboration with the enemy.

I would have many more readers if I embraced the mainstream script, but instead I backed the Birther movement and took on Glenn Beck during the height of his popularity by having thousands of people flood his radio show with calls. It was a bloody war against the Establishment media that cost me readers, but I refused to be silenced. It also made the major news networks. I made many enemies in 2010.

I also tackle the Communist link to Muslim terrorism as they are united to defeat Capitalism. Again, nobody touches this angle therefore; it is seen as extreme. I refuse to sit here and follow the GOP, Fox News mainstream script. Even the Tea Party leaders have been reduced to following a certain script or they will be ignored and banned from Cable News.

I have noticed that many Tea Party talking heads on cable news are back on repealing Obama Care talk, because they were told not to dare mention the possibility of voter fraud on the air. They were told the avoid the Birther issue too the past few years or they will be banned. Ask Joe Farah, because Fox News used to have him on frequently, but not anymore. He has been BLACK LISTED.

This is the link to Jason’s page – http://www.facebook.com/nobama1


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2 thoughts on “A Reader Asks: “How do I make my political page on Facebook more popular”?”

  1. dear Steve, if I may quote you from some time ago;

    “in God’s hands at this point; not a voting booth.” S.Cooper
    Best quote ever, & the standard for discerning movements & political sites.

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