A Summary

My father (he is a Democrat)
told me, “The Republicans have nobody that can beat Obama”. My answer
to him was, “My dog could beat Obama in the next election, but it will
be stolen via the largest voter fraud effort in U.S. history”. – Steve Cooper

Libtard-arians can shout Newt is a Progressive until their heads fall off. They are just mouth pieces for the Marxists and GOP Establishment. Choosing Newt over Romney is a NO BRAINER and Newt can beat Obama whether the Communist thugs cheat or not. These polls are ‘Subliminal Brainwashing’. – Steve Cooper 

By now you all know where this site stands on the issues and it makes no sense to repeat the same comments over and over again. So here is a SUMMARY:

The Communist and GOP Establishment is in the tank for Romney to be the nominee.

The Marxists and Union thugs will steal the 2012 election from the Republicans like they did in 2008 and nobody will say a peep.

I admire Orly Taitz, but the court system is corrupt and the Eligibility Issue will go nowhere. I also allege that the Justice Department is hiding the truth about the Obama’s Ineligibility since 2008 in a safe. This level of corruption is an early sign of tyranny. What else could they get away with? 

Ron Paul and his merry band of Soviet thug fans belong in Gitmo. Paul fans are not ‘dedicated’ as Fox News says; they are ‘Communist Insurgents’.

The Glenn Beck Libertarian Beck-bots bash Newt as a ‘Progressive’, but ‘Progressives’ overwhelmingly despise Newt and indiscreetly push for Romney to be the nominee. They all repeat the same lie “Romney is the only one that can beat Obama”.

Why are the Libtard-arians so afraid of Newt to be the nominee? Because Newt will pounce Obama in any debate.


Israel will get tired of being bullied and they will launch an attack on the Iranian nuke facilities that the RUSSIANS built for them. Russia and China will attack the USA via their Muslim proxies and eventually with missiles and bio-weapons.

The sheep will be told that World Government will be the only solution to prevent further wars, economic collapse and poverty.  All wealth will have to be equally redistributed Globally (The Middle Class will be hit the hardest, because they have less to give away) – World Communism.

The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism. Karl Marx is the winner… 


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