A word of advice about assaulting police officers and resisting arrest from a retired police officer

Conservative News Update:

I wasn’t on the scene of the Michael Brown police shooting; So I’m not making any assumptions about it. Here is some advice from a retired police officer about assaulting police officers and resisting arrest. I will keep it short and to the point!

First, I want to say that I am permanently disabled due to an attack by a large ‘mentally disturbed’ assailant that I (and several officers) were trying to get psychological help. We responded to a 911 call and we didn’t just randomly find this ‘mentally disturbed’ man walking on the streets.

Second, being a Police Officer is just a job. I know that jobs are a rare commodity in the black community, but this is what the Democrat machine wants. Jobs will be even rarer after Obama gives amnesty to 25 million illegal aliens (11 million is a fake statistic).

Not every police officer is looking to have a boxing match in the street with you as your friends cheer you on, because you are bored, drunk and rowdy on a Saturday. When a police officer tells you to “take a walk”, because your neighbors called 911 to complain about you and your friends; You should just take a walk.

Your Saturday night won’t end well if you are rolling on the ground with a police officer and he/she believes you are reaching for their gun. A police officer can use ‘deadly physical force’ if he/she believes their life is in danger.

As time goes by, your name will be forgotten…Soon after the rain washes the bloody sidewalk clean.

Rich liberals aren’t concerned that your friends loot and riot in the ‘ghetto’. They are only concerned that you stay on public assistance and keep voting Democrat.


6 thoughts on “A word of advice about assaulting police officers and resisting arrest from a retired police officer”

  1. Everything you said here, Steve, is just common sense to most of us. I would never try to outrun or fight with a police officer. If I believe I’m being treated unfairly, I’ll call an attorney, even if that means being arrested and bailed out of jail first, or ticketed and then telling my side to the judge in traffic court.

    Incidentally, I was ticketed in the past for expired registration. Before the court date, I brought my car’s registration up to date. Took the paperwork to court and the judge cut the fine in half. So, even though I was in the wrong, the judge was lenient with me for making it right.

    I realize that in some cities and towns, law enforcement and the justice system can be harsh and some are even corrupt. But in most places they’re just doing their job, within the parameters of the law, as you stated above and, if you work with them and in within the law, they’ll go easy on you. They’re not out to get you personally. They’re just doing their job.

  2. A very succinct statement from (for a change) a source who appears knowledgeable of their topic. The unfortunate truth is that those who most need to hear the “other” side of any discussion are the same ones who most reject information; “My mind’s made up, don’t try to confuse me with the facts”.

    1. Police departments are afraid to teach police officers martial arts due to lawsuits. So, police need to use other tools depending on the threat such as mace, a stick and a gun. Tasers only are issued to supervisors or other specially trained ESU officers.

      These perps roll the dice when they assault a cop. So, I really don’t feel sorry for them at all.

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