Adam Lanza was Fascinated by the Military

Steve Cooper


Adam Lanza was fascinated with the Military? Stalin, Hitler, Che Guevara, Pol Pot?

What military’s have slaughtered children? The Soviets and the Nazi’s were the biggest. So, I guess that matches Adam Lanza’s political philosophy the most.

The media keeps repeating over and over how bright Adam Lanza was. Liberals in the media repeat the words educated and bright when an attacker is a ‘left winger’ from a wealthy family like Lanza and past suspected shooters. I suspect that Lanza was really fascinated by Marxist Revolution and Anarchy. 

Anyone that kills children like this is a left winger. Don’t bring up Timothy McVeigh either, because there are many questions about who he was associated with.

If Adam Lanza was a Tea Party supporter; then the media would call him crazy, extreme and radical. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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9 thoughts on “Adam Lanza was Fascinated by the Military”

  1. unfortunately you are right.. however the communists can be outdone if america wasn’t a bunch of lazy assholes… ever see the butts on the women in the malls??? they need 2 chairs for these sows… trust me the world is laughing at the usa… for many reasons … mostly due to the owebozo administration…

        1. Omg. His stupidity and lack of subtlety certainly put his attempt to politicize the murders right out there in plain sight.

    1. You’re right! I never really considered it that way, but it is an embarrassment. Lazy, dumb, shallow, out of shape, listless, lethargic people do not a powerful Army make.

  2. Adam Lanza was bright. So, what? So was Adolf Hitler. And Ted Bundy was a freakin’ genius. The difference between bright and evil as opposed to dumb and evil is that the crimes of the former make headline news while those of the latter make the police blotter.

  3. Conservative Monster ‏@cnin
    Adam Lanza was fascinated with the Military. Stalin, Hitler, Che Guevara, Pol Pot? This is why the media is NOT DIGGING for info. #tcot

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