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Steve Cooper


  • OVER 3 million people have read The Conservative since May 2009.
  • The Conservative Monster is ranked in the top 108,000 websites in the USA as per Alexa on Sept. 1st, 2012.
  • The Conservative Monster has almost 13,000 followers on just Facebook and Twitter. That number is growing daily.


For a FEE of $100:


The $100 is a tax deduction for your business

(advertising expense)


You business ad will be ONE POST w/one photo


The more posts that you buy, the more exposure for your business.


Your ad will be exposed to the growing Conservative Monster network (Facebook, Twitter & uploaded to all of the search engines)


I will add keywords for your business ad (plumbing, carpet and so on) so it will show up in Google search results, bringing you more potential customers.


You will be help me have a stronger Conservative Voice, because I can use revenue to advertise The Conservative Monster and we both will benefit.



John Smith Plumbing

55 Main Street

Flushing, NY 11354

(555) 555-5555



The KEY is that this is an advertising expense and a tax deduction for your business. Order today via




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