Advertiser ‘Stunned’ by Massive Traffic to The Conservative Monster After the Boston Terror Attack

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

So many people were reading The Conservative Monster during the days following the Boston terror attack that one of my advertisers contacted me. They were like “What is going on?” lol

I estimated that about 340,000 people viewed The Conservative Monster during the week of chaos that took place in Boston after the Marathon terror attack.

We need traffic like that daily. I know that many of you are busy, please, please share. YOUR voice will be stronger the bigger that The Conservative Monster gets.

Drudge and Breitbart are excellent, but they don’t dare call liberals out to be the communists that they are. The Conservative Monster does and it has many people scared.

The censorship of communism is already here since the word communist or communism has been banned from the debate. They can call us racists, but we can’t accuse them of being communists? Sorry, but I refuse to follow that censored script that many of these Tea Party talking heads on Cable News do. I refuse to use the word ‘Progressive’.

Advertise your business on The Conservative Monster and this CAN be a write off for your taxes since it is a ‘business expense’.

The Conservative Monster needs sponsors to become more powerful….


Four years Post-Obama and still the word communism is banned from public debate

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6 thoughts on “Advertiser ‘Stunned’ by Massive Traffic to The Conservative Monster After the Boston Terror Attack”

  1. I send lots of your emails out to my list Steve. Even if i don’t comment i still share and i still read most everything you send me. Your work is very much appreciated


  3. I often share links to your posts on my FB wall. In fact, some of those post-Boston Marathon bombing hits probably came from there. My FB friends are few but smart.

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