Afghan Girl that had her Nose Chopped off by her Muslim Husband Gets it Fixed by Gifted Surgeon


By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The next time an idiot liberal asks why we are at war, show them the photo of this girl with her nose cut off photo. Then show the after photo of the girl with a new nose that American doctors transplanted onto her face. This doctor did an amazing job.  

The problem is the weak kneed left wingers are tying the hands of the military from killing these bastards. UNLEASH the U.S. Military and get this over with once and for all.

This is the face of SHARIA LAW and it is coming to your town unless they are stopped NOW…

This is what extremist Islam is all about. Sure there are moderates, but they are slaves to this system and they will be radicalized when the time is right. How many of these Mosques are radical when the doors close, but they are posing as mainstream? Prove me wrong…

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