Afghanistan: U.S. forces ‘may be murdering’



Notice the CNN headline that I copied says ‘may be murdering’. Well, I can promise you that headline would be different if George Bush were President.

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2 thoughts on “Afghanistan: U.S. forces ‘may be murdering’”

  1. Isn’t that what is suppose to happen in war, murder the enemy????? Believe me when I say that these afghan troops and police we are training are not our friends, it is lunacy what is taking place in Afghanistan. BTW, did CNN mention that 402 of our troops were murdered in Afghanistan last year and 566 the year before?

  2. Steve look at these numbers (wounded in Afghanistan), again compare the years under Bush vs. Obama. They really are staggering under Obama. The truth is, Obama is not on our side, he is on the side of the enemy and the ROE’s in place are intended to protect our enemy, not our troops. These are the facts:

    I know how you feel Steve, most of the facts fall upon deaf ears.

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