Ahmadinejad Visits Cuba; Iran, Venezuela call U.S. a global danger

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

It aggravates the hell out of me when these Tea Party rookies try to tell me their opinion on terrorism. Most of these amateurs were sleeping before Obama was elected. Many of them just have a hard on against Muslims and rightfully so, since most terrorism is committed by Muslims. When they deny the Marxist link to Islam it makes me furious and suspicious of their brainpower.

I had one ‘know it all’ on my Facebook page the other day bashing Islam, but denying that Marxism is a threat. I am not interested in her opinion…because she obviously is blind and brainwashed. She is lucky that I didn’t ban her….because I am in no mood lately for these Fox News graduates that think they know it all. I can tell that she reads many anti-Muslim websites as well and they are also blind about the Marxist link to terrorism as well.

I asked this genius “What about the Russian nuke plant that was built for Iran?” Dead silence, she ran for cover…  

Read my archives, because the link between Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, North Korea and Iran is very legit. It is not like I am making this association up, but since Fox News barely reports it…it don’t exist. PUPPETS….

Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and they are a proxy for Russia and China. I QUESTION ANYONE THAT DENIES THE MARXIST AND MUSLIM LINK.

Obama and Ron Paul are ALLIES to these terrorist states………..

There have been numerous reports about Venezuelan training camps for Hezbollah as well.



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