Airline mergers mean more pain for passengers- MSN Money

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5 thoughts on “Airline mergers mean more pain for passengers- MSN Money”

  1. The merger is good for the airlines. That is all that counts. If any passenger wants to avoid the pain on the plane then they should take the bus, or the train, or drive. You have options and the airlines are doing a great thing when they merge.

      1. After this merger there will be four big airlines in the U.S. plus the little guys. Lets say all the little guys, every other airline in the U.S., merged to form a fifth airline. The fifth airline would be good size but it would still be the smallest airline in the country.

        What is the the chance every other airline would like to merge, about zero percent. This is about the end of the line for airline mergers.

        1. It depends on higher fuel prices and taxes. Obama has already targeted the airlines and so did congress with fines for delays. Ticket prices have already increased since 2010.

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