Al Qaeda Allied Group Beheads American Born Terrorist

Al Qaeda Allied group Beheads American Born Terrorist

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Do you all remember all of the beheadings from the Iraq War days? I have a feeling that someone told the Muslims it was bad PR and that they should stop the beheadings. I believe that Al Qaeda was advised that the American media needed them to stop the beheadings so they could spin the war against Bush and the US Military. The Abu Ghraib torture scandal was perfect propaganda to get that job started. The media and the Democrats also were a huge help to Al Qaeda by playing up the civilian deaths and US Military body count.

It would be much
harder to turn the war against Bush and the US Military if the
beahedings continued. Mysteriously, the beheadings did stop and that was
a smart strategy for Al Qaeda.   

I hope John Murtha is burning in hell for what he did to the troops. That man was a traitor….


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