Al Qaeda Refuses to Attack Ally Obama?

Al Qaeda Refuses to Attack Ally Obama? 

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The Huffington Post headline states “Al Qaeda Incapable of New Mass Casualty Attack on the USA”, but I changed the headline to Al Qaeda Refuses to Attack Ally Obama. You are probably one of those zombies that walk around saying “Never Forget” if you believe that story in the Huffington Post.

Al Qaeda, Iran, Russia and China want Agent Obama to get re-elected in November. So, they are bending over backwards to help him. How much do you want to bet that Al Qaeda is capable of a mass casualty attack if a Republican wins in November 2012?

Hey, I thought that there was a terror alert released the other day about a possible “May Day attack? Push/Pull, confuse the sheep.

Plus, saying that Al Qaeda is weak is a good excuse to stop looking for KGB/FSB Agent and NEW Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri. The Russians never liked Bin Laden anyway and that is why they handed him over to Agent Obama on a SILVER PLATTER.


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