Alec Baldwin Sends Hateful Tweet to Director of Fracking Film

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Putin mentioned “no to fracking in the US, because it could be bad for the environment” and then all of the little commies came out to parrot him. This is how it works.

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The follies of the frackophobes By DEROY MURDOCK


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2 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Sends Hateful Tweet to Director of Fracking Film”

  1. alec baldwin should stick to acting… his brother stephen is one of us though… this is prime example of billionaires misbehaving… it is becoming popular … commies love alec.. he is a complete asshole in my view…

  2. Subject: Alec Baldwin Challenges Phelim McAleer to a Fracking Debate, But Will Alec Chicken Out? | Somewhat Reasonable

    Letter to Alec Baldwin:

    You are four years late to this debate: The environmental realities (natural gas replacing coal and lowering carbon emissions in itself is the best evidence), the local/state/regional/national/international job creation along with good geo-political economics and the proven science are all working against you, Alec!

    My advise: Stop being so shrill, learn more and say less! Also, I would try to explain why “fracking” has been done safely in California for the last 30 years and the new technology isn’t even factored in. It might not hurt to review the documented record of fracking in the states that actually do it: ND, CO, OK, TX, PA, WY, etc.

    In other words, you should transition from environmental purity to a practical environmentalism which would have a broad impact on the 3 billion people still living in a primitive state of existence without electricity and telecommunications.

    Steve Heins
    The Word Merchant, LLC
    Suite 3
    530 Wilson Avenue
    Sheboygan, WI. 53081

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