Allen West Refuses to Concede, Files Lawsuit to Impound Voting Machines

Steve Cooper


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11 thoughts on “Allen West Refuses to Concede, Files Lawsuit to Impound Voting Machines”

  1. I wish Romney would NOT have conceded so damn early and demanded a re-count!! There is NO WAY O’Ass won legitimately! I am having such a hard time just sitting here and taking what the left is ladeling out to us! This is my first time posting here on this site, although have read and kept up with it for a long time now.
    I want to DO SOMETHING!!! I don’t want to lay down and allow this travesty to happen any longer. Yet, am I being too naive??? I buried my decorated WWII Vet Dad a couple of years ago. He was adament about staying alive long enough to get O”ass out of the WH. Maybe WE ARE the new “greatest generation” –armed with the internet, (as long as we have it) and STANDING UP to these criminals. I hear the the entrenched Repubs AND the Dems stole it and that it was rigged –as the CM has been telling us. I just could not believe that they could pull off a stealing of this magnitude.

    Yeah, I guess I am naive. But I am going to find some way to get the ball rolling to further expose these evil people. I haven’t spent my life…(WE haven’t spent our lives) being a decent, hardworking, compassionate, giving AMERICAN for nothing.

    1. The C Monster ‏@cnin

      The International pressure for Obama to stay was too great and the Republicans closed their eyes to the voter fraud. Trust me, I am right..

    2. The Reps were just going through the motions like I said they were, because the International pressure for Obama to win was that huge. The Reps closed their eyes to the Democrat battle to squash anti voter fraud laws.

  2. I agree. But what should we do NOW? I personally would like to see a legion of angered people who voted with FAITH, to stand up as a group –file a class action suit against both parties for VOTER FRAUD. Please excuse my being naive…but I am furious!

    1. No, that is not how communists operate especially with an unpopular President. Obama and his DOJ Klan fought the anti-voter fraud laws for a reason….TO WIN.

  3. Oh, right Steve: the military are so enamored of Obama that they’re in on his “fraudulent” re-election. Are you kidding me? Look: if that’s the kind of nonsense you need to tell yourself for your wacky conspiracy theories to have any logic to them, well I guess I understand. But really? The military is in cahoots with Obama. Oh, now that’s rich!

    1. Yes, the Military leaders are on board with world government, because they want to avoid a Nuclear War with Russia and China. A former Green Beret told me that Colonels and above have to be on board. Look at how the Joint Chiefs are silent about the open march towards Socialism and domestic enemies that break bread with our foreign enemies. It is not rocket science.

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