Allen West’s attorney claims to have proof of ‘voter discrepancies’

Steve Cooper


I have a confession to make:

You all knew my prediction about the Presidential race. I said CLEARLY that it would be rigged and Obama would win in a ‘close race’ by voter fraud. I was 100% correct.

I also knew that Allen West would be targeted with fraud too since he exposed the communists within the Democrat Party and he was, BUT I thought that he would prevail. I figured that the commies would be more worried about cheating for Obama rather than some race for congress in Florida. The votes are much closer than I expected them to be.

I will be deeply disappointed if Allen West loses this election. It would be a tragedy to the Nation. I am praying that he prevails, because he is a man of honor.


Update – this video contains white people protesting for Allen West and black people that are protesting AGAINST Allen West. This is not about race…this is about leeching off of the Government. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies