America Needs a Healthy Dose of McCarthyism

Cliff Kincaid has been 100% on the money these days….

Kincaid claims that Fox News censored author Paul Kengor from mentioning that Obama was a Communist due to his ties with radicals such as Frank Marshall Davis.

3 thoughts on “America Needs a Healthy Dose of McCarthyism”

  1. Excellent article. McCarthy was vindicated with the declassified Venona papers in 1995 but the media won’t let that get around now will they?

  2. Back in ’84 or ’85, my grandmother told me that she watched the news and read the papers looking for signs of the silent, stealth takeover of America that Communists promised. She told me that Joe McCarthy had been right and that it was verified by the Commie who said that they’d take America without firing a shot.

    She died a few months ago at the age of 93. I hadn’t talked to her in a while (I’m not close to my family and I hardly talk to any of them except for my youngest sister). So, I don’t know if she saw what she’d been watching for all of these years. I suspect she did because my dad, who never voted before in his life, told me in 2008 that he was going to vote in the election for POTUS and that I needed to vote also (I always have). He said it was imperative because “Obama,” as he called him (I call him Kenya Boy) is a Muslim terrorist cell and that Islam is in bed with Russia. So, if you’re not worried about one, you should be worried about the other, or worried about both, together, working as a team. Anyway, he talked with his mother at least once or twice a week, so I imagine she saw it, too.

    (My dad said elections didn’t matter, it was all rigged, and he didn’t want to register to vote because he didn’t want to be called for jury duty. What a citizen, that man!)

    Joe McCarthy was right. And so was my Yaya.

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