Analysis of Rand Paul’s CPAC Speech

Steve Cooper

Rand Paul’s economic ideas are excellent, BUT he seems to forget that Russia, China and Iran will not go along with the stimulation of American Capitalism. Rand Paul’s Isolationist theory will bring the war onto American soil rather than fighting terrorism on Iranian soil.

Rand Paul said that the GOP has grown ‘stale’. Well, if he is that unhappy with the GOP he should just switch to the Libertarian Party and make that his home. He won’t do that, because he obviously is seeking to undermine the Republican Party. He talks the sweet Conservative talk about ‘fiscal responsibility’, but I won’t forget about the time when he defended his father Ron Paul’s theory about how US Foreign Policy is the reason that we have terrorism and Muslims hate US.

Russia and China are using Iran and North Korea as terror proxies against the USA. Iran is actually involved in on the ground terror as North Korea uses ‘psychological terror’ against the American people. No politician or analyst has the guts to say it regardless of what Party they belong to.

The 9/11 Truthers believe that North Korea threatened the USA to distract attention away from Rand Paul’s Senate Filibuster on drones. This is how far gone these Libertarians psychos are that worship Rand Paul. Why do these hard core leftists worship Rand Paul? His foreign policy is loaded with communist, anti-war code words. This propaganda is over the heads of the Tea Party amateurs, but it isn’t over the heads of hard core leftists that make Obama look like a moderate.

Libertarians like Ron Paul repeat words like liberty, freedom and the Constitution over and over to sucker people in, but then they call Israel a terrorist state in their next breath.

Ron Paul stated that “Gaza is like a concentration camp”. This man is a sicko and his son Rand has learned from his fathers mistakes by keeping quiet on foreign policy. He only mentions that he will stop foreign funding….but again that is to bait people into agreeing with him.

US Foreign policy is way more complicated than just to stop sending money to foreign nations. Foreign nations are attacking the USA, because they want a piece of the action or else. I would stop foreign funds going to Pakistan and then flatten them and Iran the next time terrorism took place.

Libertarians would call me a neo-con for stating that I would flatten Iran and Pakistan, because they are really leftists that will make the US vulnerable.

Rand Paul mentions Israel in this speech as if he supports him, but I don’t trust him. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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4 thoughts on “Analysis of Rand Paul’s CPAC Speech”

  1. you have to wonder where he stands in reality because the news media loves him which means he must be a liberal…

  2. Paul never talked about the communist threat? He was against the wars, because he is an anti war leftist like his father. Is he really worried about Americans or protecting Muslim terrorists abroad? He voted AGAINST Iran sanctions, the only Senator. Even the Dems voted for them…so Rand Paul is further left than they are. This fraud can’t fool me…

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