Analyst claims Syria will bring a US & Russia Conflict

Steve Cooper

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I have been warning about a conflict between the US and Russia over Syria for quite sometime. I believe that this conflict will be staged between Obama and Putin. The blood will be real, but they are pulling the strings behind the scenes. The Cold War Meeting that Obama and Putin had several months ago at the G8 was an ACT. It was an act to convince people that they are not pals, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Also, Israel will be baited into this war and they will be made to look like the bad guys by the media and Libertarians.

The name of the analyst in this video is Jeffrey Steinberg and this video is from Lyndon LaRouche’s website. LaRouche has a history of disguising his Pro Russia agenda behind his ‘American patriotism’ like many other Libertarians. It is Communist propaganda with sugar on top.

This clown wants to wipe out Wall Street…enough said.


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3 thoughts on “Analyst claims Syria will bring a US & Russia Conflict”

  1. Obama is following orders – “The teachings of Communism are directed toward one final result—world revolution and the triumph of international Communism. The achievement of this aim would mean the violent and complete destruction of the American Government.

    Any person who subscribes to these teachings, regardless of his reason, is working against American democracy and for the benefit of international Communism’s chief leader, Soviet Russia.”

    – J. Edgar Hoover

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