Annan: I cry for Syria Everyday; We need to listen to Russia and China more

Steve Cooper


What a Communist fraud this man is…

Russia and Iran are arming and emboldening the genocide. – Best Selling Appliances

7 thoughts on “Annan: I cry for Syria Everyday; We need to listen to Russia and China more”

  1. This has been tough on all of us. We can only come out stronger because we had to shout down this fraud, this demagogue, this simple con man

      1. Same here,especially when they say, oh we haveso much tideswell in the party. S much energy and new blood. Yet , I still don’t see this person on a lib page I ‘m on having many fans at all….I enjoyteaching her a thing or two. I could tell she ws a woman by her run on sentences and wordy diatribes I poitdit out to her she should write lke a man, get more fans . brevity.

        As a woman , she became very offended! I told her to write like a man if she wanted respect. Cred. She crazy..However, I’ll never stop taling to her tuype… we gotta get ‘e,m y’know.

        1. that comment shows how damn tired and fed up I am… G’night from the great NW region of the united states.

  2. Good advice but the times that post on yor site ae EST. I was in bd by 1 a.m. on the left coast 🙂 Early to bed and early to rise is how you catch the worm! ha ha ha. TY for all the hard hitting analysis last night!

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