Another Correct Prediction? Staged Economic Crisis and Staged War

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Steve Cooper


The goal of the Communists is: “break it and then take it”. – Steve Cooper


There are many people that read The Conservative Monster that can vouch for me in the past I have stated there will be a ‘staged’ economic collapse and a ‘staged’ war coming at around the same time to create a major crisis.

The ‘fiscal cliff’ and Syria’s chemical weapon crisis just might be what I was predicting.

By the way, those weapons in Syria were Saddam’s WMD’s. So, Bush was right, but he chose to take the high road to avoid a crisis with the Russians for moving the WMD’s to Syria.


The Democrats knew all of this and they capitalized with Bush lied, troops died. I dare someone in the media to ask Jay Carney if those weapons in Syria belonged to Saddam. He will say “there is no way to prove where those weapons came from”, but HE KNOWS and so does Obama.

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War, they made sure that ‘boots got on the ground’ and then they undermined the troops for political gain. The sheep are too brainwashed to even see in front of them at this stage in the game. I love the USA, but I despise most of the brainwashed idiots that live in it, because IGNORANCE is no excuse.

Read what is left of my archives if you don’t believe me. I am working on another project and I don’t have the time to repeat the same ole stuff over and over for the Tea Party rookies or others that are passing by. My apologies…

The goal of the Communists is to create as much as chaos as possible with ‘staged events’ so the people accept world Government as a pill to calm their ‘anxiety’.

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14 thoughts on “Another Correct Prediction? Staged Economic Crisis and Staged War”

    1. lol, We are living in historic times brother…

      My predictions have been on the money, but it goes over the heads of the GOP Fox News sheep. They don’t believe it unless it has the Fox News label on it. This is why I am working less hours these days.

      Most of the sheep are not ready for my site or what is coming.

      1. I got skills. Maybe I can help. Is it difficult? Or just time consuming? Or both? Can the work be performed on an ancient ol’ POS laptop?

          1. I’ve written html code, although I forgot most of it when I started using Dreamweaver. Proficient in some of the Adobe creative software (Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, Dreamweaver), intermediate level in others (Illustrator, InDesign). Like I said, I got skills but I’m currently limited in what I can do by this old laptop since the mother board in my desktop pc bit the dust. If you change your mind, let me know.

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