Another Fake Crisis? Obama & Biden take vacation during Russian-Ukraine crisis

Conservative News Update:

The Conservative Monster was THE ONLY website that predicted over and over that Obama and Putin were planning to manufacture a feud in the near future. They are really pals and this is why Liberals are not worried at all about this. Search my archives if you don’t believe me.

Educated Liberals know everything that is taking place at this point (whether it is the Ukraine, Egypt or Syria) is done with the full cooperation of the Democrats and the Russians since they are ‘Socialist soul mates’.

It is no secret that the economic crisis of 2008 was really economic sabotage engineered to blame the Republicans and boost Obama into the White House. – Economic terrorism

3 thoughts on “Another Fake Crisis? Obama & Biden take vacation during Russian-Ukraine crisis”

  1. Dear Steve Cooper:

    The World Socialist Web Site might take exception to your claim that you alone foresaw this confrontation. However the folk at WSWS contend that this crisis is not fake but real, and that it has potential to spiral into another world war.

    The WSWS also contends that Democrats are the handmaidens of the Republican Party and that for the posturing, they are essentially agreed on all major issues, including their intention to reduce the working class to serfdom.

    Village Idiot

      1. Dear Steve Cooper:

        It was around the time that you started agreeing wtih them. But seriously, Steve, Capitalists do bear out Marx’ criticisms with impressive consistency. And the folk at the World Socialist Web Site very much concur with the inevitability of war. They have noted that all the contradictions and antagonisms that led to WW I are reviving with a fury. They see this as an essential component of Capitalism.

        Overlook that they’re Trotskyists and the WSWS has about the most insightful analysis anywhere. And [you’ll be pleased to hear] they’re President Obama’s most severe critics. I’ve sometimes said in jest that when it comes to criticizing Obama, the difference between the Trotskyists and the fine folk at Frontpage Magazine is that the former offer intelligent criticisms! Well … half in jest.

        Have a great week!

        Village Idiot

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