Another Nuke Scientist Bites the Dust. Iran Blames Israeli Mossad and CIA

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

How come nobody ever blames the KGB? When is the last time that you heard about the KGB or FSB in the media? THINK ABOUT IT.

Why do they (the media) want you to think that the KGB/FSB doesn’t exist as a threat any longer?
Don’t hold your breath for Soviet Propagandist Ron Paul to tell you about the Russian threat either.

ANYONE that knows the real communist agenda, knows full well that they are acting on behalf of MOSCOW. That never changed after the ‘staged’ collapse of the USSR.

The teachings of Communism are
directed toward one final result—world revolution and the triumph of
international Communism. The achievement of this aim would mean the
violent and complete
destruction of the American Government. Any person who subscribes to these teachings, regardless of his reason, is working against American democracy and for the benefit of international Communism’s
chief leader, Soviet Russia. – J. Edgar Hoover

Tell that idiot Beck to write this on his blackboard…..

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