AP Bans the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Orwell called this ‘newspeak‘ when the media molds how the people speak by brainwashing them what words are not allowed to be mentioned. The word ‘Communist’ is also on that list.



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5 thoughts on “AP Bans the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’”

  1. bunch of yellow bellied sap suckers… the whole media is shit canning the usa with bs.. those commy bitches…..

  2. Read the comments on that article. I have only read people telling Ap to go pound sand. They are saying ok, how about we call them illegal aliens instead or criminals? How’s that? It’s good to see the majority of posters understand what they are trying to do.

  3. I can personally tell you as a Mother of two older teens, YES they are being brainwashed in Schools. I sent them to Private school as i thought this may be better there, but when my son wrote a paper that included the word Communist’s he was told to rewrite it, Thankfully he was smart enough fought it and got an A on the paper in the end. But point here is YES Kids are being Brainwashed BIG TIME. And i remember when i was time for College first thing i told him was don’t even look at NYU, they will hate you there. Sad that you can’t speak your mind in schools, oh and God forbid its a public school you will get bashed for just saying the word God.

  4. Yes you are right Liza. I also have two little ones in public school. My daughter is a little too young to understand leftist propaganda but my son is in middle school and he gets it totally. Every day after school i ask him so what gargage did they try and teach you today. Acutally thankfully where we are it isn’t too bad. We live in a conservative town but the school is still mandated by the state to teach such wonderful topics as globull warming. It’s so funny because everytime they teach it my son, tells all his friends how it’s all a bunch of bs. At first they didn’t understand and now they believe my son! It was the first they had ever heard that there was no such thing as man made globull warming. After the election, my son’s teacher, an Obot, asked the class how Obama got reelected and my son, without any hesitation raised his hand and said voter fraud! Me and my husband were high fiving him that night. We were so proud. So the teacher says, no, and anyone else want to answer? I asked my son what she said after and he tuned it out so he didn’t know. All his friends hate Obama. So at least that is one group of young people who won’t be brainwashed.

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