Are Obama and Putin Staging a Syrian Conflict Together?

Are Obama and Putin Staging a Syrian Conflict Together?

Steve Cooper



This article was originally published in JUNE 2012.


Obama and Putin are staging a Syrian conflict, because a Global Crisis
is needed to form a world Marxist Government. You heard it here 1st. The whole feud with Russia after the ‘reset’ is FAKE.

I have been warning you all of a ‘staged World War’ for quite some time (read my archives). I am not sure when, but the foundation is being laid down as we speak. The media will lie to help cover it up out of FEAR.

How do I come to this conclusion? From years of researching Communist deception and how they fool the sheep. I am no Tea Party rookie folks…no offense.

There is nobody better than I am at picking up code words being dropped by Democrat operatives in the media that hint “we have to do something soon about Syria”. It smells BAD to me and they wouldn’t be talking like this if Bush or McCain were President, but they feel safer that a Marxist Operative is in charge that is on board with the Kremlin playbook.


George Bush was forced into war via 9/11, because he was NOT playing ball with the Russians. Now the Russians (and the anti-war leftists) feel more secure staging a war with a fellow comrade. The anti-war leftists are awful quiet these days as Obama is bombing people with drones day and night in Pakistan and Afghanistan (he brags about it). Why is Obama allowed to get away with it and Bush was not allowed? The anti-war leftists know that Obama is one of them and he is acting in concert with Moscow’s wishes. Following the lead of Moscow is a ‘unwritten rule’ among communists.

Bush didn’t ‘follow the lead’ when he tried to put Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO. That just pissed off Putin and 9/11 was their answer. Here we are 10 years later and still Georgia and the Ukraine have not joined NATO. Why is that? 9/11 was a message to the USA and NATO not to go there. NATO countries were also under threat of terrorism in the days after 9/11…you all forget that, but not me. 

Everyone seems to forget that John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi visited Syria’s President Assad during the bloodiest days of the Iraq War to undermine George Bush and the US Troops. Al Gore and Bill Clinton also went overseas to bash the USA by claiming George Bush lied about Saddam’s WMD’s, but I guess Bill and Al forget that they warned about Saddam weapons as well. The Democrats lied to draw George Bush into that war, because it was the wishes of Moscow. You heard it here and this will never be proven, because they buried the evidence along with Saddam.   

The Communists BADLY want to turn the American people against war. They want the American people to really feel the pain from this war NOT only financially. 9/11 was just a taste of it and it is inevitable before another massive attack hits the USA at home. Remember that the Marxists and Muslims are united in this war against the USA, Israel and Capitalism.


Communist sites like Infowars, Whatdoesitmean and a few others are pushing heavy anti-USA propaganda these days about a Syrian and Iranian conflict.

Another theory is that the Communists want to unite the American people behind Obama and then it will be easier to justify the human carnage and despair. World Government will be offered as the only solution to end wars, poverty and starvation.

You college grads that they brainwashed to love Obama will be making global warming hats in a factory with your degree. Congratulations….


I despise Glenn Beck for bashing the Birther movement, but last night he had the guts to call Obama a Marxist on Bill O’Lielly after Bill O’ called Obama a “a VERY LIBERAL class warfare guy”. What exactly is a “class warfare guy”? What kind of analysis is it when the commentator is afraid to label an open Marxist like Obama exactly what he is? Why is the media afraid to say these words socialism, communism and Marxism, but they are allowed to bash capitalism all day long?


It is a sure sign that you are living under communism already when the media is banned from or afraid to say the word….

Bill O’s logic is that Obama hasn’t created death camps yet. Well, be patient, because that takes a crisis…BILL and they are working on that as we speak. Why is Bill O’ Reilly crapping in his pants if Obama isn’t a Marxist? That is the reason that Bill O’ is afraid to say the “M” word.



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