Arizona Shooting: Is the Far Left Targeting Blue Dog Democrats?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This country has never seen class warfare rhetoric ratcheted up at a level like this in our entire history. This was not even seen during the mini communist revolution of the 60’s, because that was mostly based on fighting against the Vietnam War and the Imperialism of Capitalism. 

The entire ideology of Marxism is based on lies, deception, revolution and assassination. This alleged shooter’s favorite book is The Communist Manifesto and once again I am not surprised by this. He also made comments about the economy and currency that parrot those made by radical Ron Paul Libertarians. The alleged shooter also mentioned “mind control” and this is a common phrase mentioned by 9/11 truthers and followers of Alex Jones and Ron Paul.  

Democrat Linda Lopez blamed the Tea Party for the Arizona shooting and she also claimed that the alleged shooter was a Afghan war veteran. BOTH claims were false, but the media has not called on her to correct her statements that turned out to be false.

Revolution, violence, economic collapse is all needed by the left to throw this country into Martial Law. This is why many leftists like Ron Paul want to audit the Fed, because they know that the wealth is just an illusion at this point. Plus, these Leftists know that we are currently involved in a currency war with China and they would love to help them out by exposing our weakened financial system. They want to put the knife into capitalism once and for all.

Obama is not as shocked about this shooting as he pretends to be; since he has revolutionary friends such as Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright that have also preached revolution. The Tea Party is not riling up the Marxist left wing terrorists, but politicians like Pelosi and Obama have them excited that a revolution is near. Many of these Marxists are impatient and they want communism now, not 10 or 20 years from now.

The Ron Paul, “End the Fed” loons and 9/11 truthers are all further left than Obama. They are closet Soviet sympathizers that see Vladimir Putin as their leader and they twist the truth by calling themselves Constitutionalists. Many of these radicals are anti-social, anti-government psychotics that despise people and society. I have dealt with their rantings for many years on the Internet and I know them very well.     

The left wing Libertarians want revolution soon and they are getting impatient. Violence like this will happen more and more; then the LEFT will use it as a reason to disarm Americans to prevent resistance against their communist agenda. I suspect that politicians like Giffords that claim to be “Blue Dog” Democrats will be targeted by radical leftists more and more, because they see them as the weakest link in the Democrat Party. A weaker link as well as an obstacle to the Marxist Utopia that they are seeking to install.

Back in 2008 I warned NYPD anti-terrorism detectives that the future terrorists will not only be Muslims, but radical left wingers, anarchists and Marxists. They looked at me like I was crazy, but NOW I guess I am not so crazy after all?

These Marxist revolutionaries are trying to speed up the destruction of capitalism and civil society. 

Giffords voted against radical left winger Nancy Pelosi the other day in congress and I can promise you that made many Marxists furious on the FAR LEFT. – Click here for MORE

There are already calls for stricter gun control laws due to this shooting, but the real problem is that radical left wingers need to be identified and denied gun permits. Assassination and violence is the backbone of Marxist Revolution and you just have to look at history to see this.

MSNBC just reported that the shooter met with Giffords in 2007 and he called her “stupid and unintelligent”. Does that sound familiar? This is what the far left calls US.


Yesterday my young 17 year old niece said “See, this terrorist was not a Muslim”. My answer to her was “No, he was a communist and they are allies with the Muslims in this war against capitalism. That was the real reason why we are having all of these wars and it is why 9/11 happened.”

It is important for the youth to be told this, because you never hear about the war against capitalism. Fox News and the Tea Party sheep that they interview use the same buzz words like “smaller government”, “stop big government” or stop spending; rather than using terms like “this is a Marxist Revolution and a war against Capitalism”. 

Linda Lopez blames Tea Party for shooting

Click here for MORE

Daily Kos put the bulls eye on Giffords back in June 2008.

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