Aunt and Uncle of 49ers Player are Killed by a Drunk Driver on Super Bowl Sunday

What the hell is wrong with people? VERY TRAGIC….

God bless them…they look like wonderful people. RIP

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4 thoughts on “Aunt and Uncle of 49ers Player are Killed by a Drunk Driver on Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Psssst…Your softer side is showing. Wouldn’t want people to think that the Commie-hating, hard-as-nails, former cop has a heart. 😉

    Reminds me of the Christmas my boss gave me a heart-shaped pendant. This was odd as we hadn’t exchanged gifts in the past. She saw the puzzled look on my face and, so, explained that she thought of me when she saw it. That, of course, puzzled me even further, which must have also shown on my face, because she then went on to tell me that she was on to me, that I do, indeed, have a heart and that I’m not nearly the heartless bitch that I present to the world, that she recognizes a persona worn for self-preservation when she sees one. I thanked her for the gift, of course, and then told her that I admit nothing of the sort and requested that she not cause me to have to kick any more asses by starting false rumors about me being a softy. She just smiled, winked and wished me a Merry Christmas.

    Still, you’re right. They do look like good people belonging to a good, close family. The loss of two family members – two of the parts that make it a whole – is a horrible ending for what should have been a very happy day for the family.

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