Author of ‘Pentagon Prayer’ debunks 9/11 Truther Pentagon Theory on The Conservative Monster Radio Show

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Dan Holdridge  was in front of the Pentagon on 9/11/01 and he barely escaped with his life. During this interview I asked Dan if he saw plane parts at the Pentagon plane crash scene and he said YES. This is just more proof that the 9/11 truthers are really 9/11 LIARS. For many years the 9/11 truther movement has insisted that a missile hit the Pentagon; not a plane. Dan Holdridge debunks that lie on during this interview.

Dan Holdridge also discussed how he has turned this traumatic experience into a positive one. He is the author of Pentagon Prayer: The Story of a September 11th Survivor and his website is 

I was an NYPD Police Officer when 9/11 happened, but I was on patrol that day in a different area of NYC after the attacks happened. It was my day off and I went into work soon after the WTC buildings collapsed. I knew 4 of the NYPD cops that were killed that day.

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