Autopsy results show Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles

Steve Cooper

On 4/11/12, I stated on this website that Trayvon Martin should have injuries to his knuckles based on the statement that a witness reported seeing him violently beating George Zimmerman.

Yesterday, the autopsy results backed up my statement.

Did the police
properly take photos and evidence samples of Trayvon Martin’s hands? We
shall see, because this case was being treated as self defense at that time. There were reports that one detective wanted to arrest Zimmerman, but he was obviously ignored. 

I didn’t hear ONE analyst or so called ‘legal expert’ mention the fact that Trayvon Martin should have had injuries to his knuckles. I wonder why?

Now you know why millions of people read The Conservative for analysis rather than any other news site, because I have a PROVEN record of accuracy.

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