2 thoughts on “BBC News – UN: Israeli settlements ‘violate Palestinian rights’”

  1. “The report says settlements displace Palestinians, destroy their crops and property”

    A very true statement. The ‘violate Palestinian rights’ part is only true if you are talking about property rights not so called ‘human rights’. To get rid of the Palestines is the goal of the Israeli settlement movement and has been for years. The British know who holds legal title to the land and it is the Palestinians. The British issued most of the titles to the land when Palestinian was a colony of Britan.

  2. It is a bit like the story of how the Dutch bought Manhattan from the indians. The Palestinians have a form of ‘seller’s remorse’. In both cases the ‘seller’ thought they got the short end of the stick while the ‘buyer’ knows that they made out great. The difference between the two ‘sales’ is that the indians at least got $24 for Manhattan while the Palestinians get nothing for their land.

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