Bill O’ Reilly allows radical Leftist Carl Bernstein to ‘man handle’ him on ‘The Factor’

Steve Cooper

Bill O’ is a punk, because I would have CRUSHED Bernstein when he brought up McCarthyism. Bill O’ is afraid to use the word Communist…I am not. At the end of the debate, Bill O’ Reilly asked Bernstein “if he had fun” during his appearance on The Factor. The problem with Bill is that he wants to be accepted and liked now, but in the past he didn’t care. Now, Bill O’ sees the power that The Left has gained and he is afraid of them.

It is time to ship Bill O’ to CNN, because Hannity or Greg Gutfeld would have buried Bernstein….

Communism will never be defeated if Ted Cruz, Palin and Bill O’ Reilly are afraid to even say the word. Last week, Robin Leach (a Brit) had to bring up Communism on Fox News since nobody has the guts to say the word- Click Here

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson also turned it up a notch by bringing up Lenin and Socialism on Fox News.  Dr Carson also said that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to the US since slavery – Click Here

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