Bill O’ Reilly prevents Hillary Clinton from being mentioned during Benghazi segment

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Bill O’ Reilly seems to protect Hillary Clinton in this segment and he has done so in the past as well. O’ Reilly landed an interview with Bill Clinton once before so maybe he is trying to use kid gloves on Hillary so he can score her as well. This is about EGO.

Bill Clinton, Obama or John Kerry would never go on the Sean Hannity show, because they fear him unlike Mr. ‘fair and balanced’ Bill O’ Reilly.

Bill mentions Susan Rice and the ‘video conspiracy theory’ during the Bengazi segment, but he never mentions her boss Hillary Clinton. The State Dept is in charge of security of Ambassadors abroad; therefore Benghazi needs to be placed on Hillary’s lap.

Susan Rice answers to and works directly under Hillary Clinton since she was Sec. of State. So, everything else is just a distraction.

ONE MORE THING, Why was the US Military unprepared for security in the region on the anniversary of 9/11? Especially since Ambassador Stevens was worried about security in the past.

ALSO, only the President can declassify documents. Why did Obama declassify these documents about Benghazi this past week? I suspect that he wants to keep this distraction alive and to haunt Hillary Clinton. I believe Bill O’ Reilly knows this and he was trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

8 thoughts on “Bill O’ Reilly prevents Hillary Clinton from being mentioned during Benghazi segment”

    1. There is nothing else to watch at 8 pm. Bill O’ ran off of radio after Obama won in 2008. I bet he was very happy when the Left targeted Glenn Beck and Hannity instead of him. The left knew that Bill O’ raised the white flag.

    2. Indeed. I turned him off way, way back- probably ten+ years ago.
      I havent paid attention to him at all since- Im astonished any Conservative would.
      I dont miss him. He’s like an ex-spouse, ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’.

  1. I don’t watch any longer and would watch reruns of finding big foot before watching the ego maniac. His books are more his co author’s than his and his opinons are going more toward the left. He has hit the killer attitude of “TRYING TO PLEASE Everyone” My OPINE my oh really.

    1. Other people complained besides me. Bill’s excuse was that he wanted to only talk about the Congressional report, but that is BS. O’ Reilly than focused on Panetta and Obama again rather than Hillary Clinton. He can’t fool me. I have to expose this loser, because many people believe his spin. I don’t trust Bill O’….

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