Bill Whittle: Obama is Deliberately Destroying Economy

Steve Cooper


This video corroborates 100% what many Conservatives have been saying. The economy is purposely being sabotaged the same way that it was sabotaged in 2008. Watch this video and then you will understand why the Democrats want to disarm Americans. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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  2. Hello, Bill Whittle and guests,

    Well, sitting here absorbing your theme, and thinking about how little notice a particular topic has gotten, i decided to write this comment.

    Everyone on the planet has heard many sides of the ”Innocence of Muslims” video, and though this particular vector is enormous in implication, it simply died in the starting gate. Let me bullet point the way to the video i hope will be watched (the speaker/investigator yes looks like central casting’s idea of an internet investigator –the guy should film in black & white and go the whole noire route).

    Micelle Malkin for one, wrote on the so-called ‘passport office security breach’ back in the Spring of 2008, when the primaries were afoot. It came and went, the usual sinister stomach turn that we all experience oh, several times per day lately.

    The Benghazi video is very strongly linked toi that 2008 security breach. Did you know that? And that there’s a murder involved –which i think ought to be added to the Benghazi KIA list, tho the victim was certainly not the Woods and Doherty brand of agent.

    I could ramble on, but let me quit here and send you to the two URLs. Allow me to simply post a Bing search, so that you can have a choice of sources for the information.

    I recommend Doug Hagmann’s report, as he is the reporter everyone quotes. Inside the search URL, you’ll see a blog name of ”Southern Wolf” or somesuch, that offers Hagmann’s report in a particularly readable format. Canada Free Press is Hagmann’s port of call, so maybe give CFP the hit.

    Deep into the report, the “Montagraph video” will be referred to. Tho in the time since the report, Mr Montagraph has posted other investigative youtubes, the one you want is ”Proof Positive –In My Opinion” –it’s a bit over 20 minutes long. Here it is, the video in the report:

    The report is pretty long. I believe you might want to begin at the conclusion –in order that you may not get frustrated with the long lead-in.

    I believe you will soon enough jump back up top and begin a word-by-word close-read.

    Thank you, and good luck to us all.

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