Bin Laden shot DEAD. Is this setting the stage for something big?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“Was Osama betrayed to protect KGB asset Obama? I believe so. The Marxists said it is time to get rid of Bin Laden to help Obama’s polls. There is no such thing as coincidences when you are dealing with these people.” – Steve Cooper

Fox News just reported that bin Laden is dead.

A few thoughts about this:

Why did Obama kill Bin Laden rather than arrest him and read him his rights? I am sure “the left” would have mentioned that if Bush pulled the trigger. The highlight of the night was Geraldo Rivera making a mistake by saying “Obama is dead” rather than “Osama Bin Laden is dead.” Idiot..

I question the timing of this. I suspect that someone set up Bin Laden and gave up his location to the USA, but why now? To rile up the radical Muslims against the USA even more. We have seen Muslim riots in Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia and so on. All of this unrest is being orchestrated in my opinion.

There will be chants to make Bin Laden a martyr and this would be
used to throw gasoline on the Muslim fire. Expect the cries for Jihad
against America to be shouted this week as well. The Muslims will also
want to know how Bin Laden’s body is being treated.

Was this a set up for not only Bin Laden, but for the USA?

Today, I told a “loyal Monster fan” that “I have a ‘feeling’ that a staged and limited world war will be starting soon”. I believe that many leaders will be behind this ‘staged war’ (except Israel) and the main reason would be to kill people and install a world communist government. The people will be told that this world government will be needed to ‘end all wars and poverty’. I can hear it now in those exact words.  

Russian KGB defectors have also stated that when nukes go off in the USA “Muslim terrorists will take the blame, but the Russians would be behind the attacks”

Now you all know why Obama released that “altered” birth certificate this week, because he knew that this news was coming out. This news and the Royal wedding was enough to bury the Obama eligibility issue. Plus, he needed this to rally people behind him and not against him. I bet someone gave up Bin Laden’s location to help Obama politically. Plus, this will be used to unite radical Muslims even more. YOU ALL will forget about that birth certificate when the terror attacks start… 

Reports state that Bin Laden was in Pakistan when he was killed. Did the Pakistani Government have knowledge that Bin Laden was there? You would have to be on drugs to think they did not know.

Is this setting up the stage for something BIG? I think so…BE READY. Are we being set up? I think so. Lets see if the Muslims go on the warpath now that their leader is DEAD.

Bin Laden is now a MARTYR and the libtards have always feared this moment.
Well, it is here and ‘the American Left’ are working with our enemies. You could bet next weeks paycheck on it..

Ayman Zawahiri will most likely take over Al Qaeda, because he is the #2 man .    

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