1 thought on “Birther commercial on Fox News seeks to remove obama from the ballot”

  1. This was odd. I called and was 1/2 way through the automated process when I was suddenly transferred to a live person that seemed to be a black woman, judging by her tone and pronunciation, and then after she stumbled through her rehearsed statement, was taken over by a woman who sounded white. Now I could care less about black, white, or any other color, but it just seemed odd to me that a woman who sounded so black would even be associated with a commercial/organization that would be critical of Obama, you know because of the whole 96% thin and all. I feel I have to explain myself, but that’s another story. My point is this: They asked me for a donation and from watching what the left has morphed into, I wouldn’t doubt that this could be a Obama supporting fund raiser, eared to play on the white guilt of American people who watch Fox News. It sounds shady enough to be “transparent”. If I am wrong, then I guess I am just another racist homophob, but the main issue here is WHY DO WE FEEL THE NEED TO FEEL THIS WAY ABOUT OUR COUNTRY? Get the dishonesty and patronization out of out government.

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