Black Pastor Labels Tea Party as Racist and Anti-Communist

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I thought communism was dead? At least this is what the communists keep telling us. This is just more ammo that proves that the communist vermin are deeply entrenched inside the Democrat party. Democrat Party=Communism and many libertarians are trying to distort this truth by claiming both parties are the same. They are doing this, because they are trying to confuse you all who the enemy is.

This pastor is right, we are anti-communist and he is a TERRORIST to this great nation. This pastor is NOT a man of God, because communists are anti-God and he supports their agenda, but that is well over the head of this rube. This pastor is an enemy of this country and GOD. A man of God does not spew hatred from an alter, but if he was making anti-abortion or anti-communist statements his tax free status would have been lifted in a heartbeat.

This video was made prior to the 2010 election….

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