Blame Al Jazeera in America on Al Gore

Blame Al Jazeera in America on Al Gore

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In today’s issue: Al Jazeera is now broadcasting in America, and Michael Savage is among the millions of citizens who aren’t happy about it. He reminded listeners that the only reason the network has its own spot on U.S. airwaves is because Al Gore sold them his failing channel, Current TV.

“There’s a war going on on many fronts,” Savage reminded his audience, noting:

It’s a shooting war on some fronts and a propaganda war on other fronts.

Just today, Al Jazeera, the propaganda arm of very dangerous people, has opened office in America with help from that despicable lout, Al Gore. Gore is the biggest liar and thief of the century. He’s made hundreds of millions of dollars off the fraud of global warming.

Then he had the gall to sell his rotten TV channel to Al Jazeera, to give them an inroad into America. Al Gore teamed up with Dianne Feinstein’s husband to do that. But you don’t hear anything about this.

So it falls to people like me to alert you to the fact that we are in danger.

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