Britain may sue churches for refusing gay marriages

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This is left out of the debate in the USA, because they don’t want you to know this dirty little secret. Gays will sue churches via the US Government when gay marriage is legal.

You will see Pastors arrested for hate crimes and churches losing their tax free status one day VERY SOON. This is really an assault against freedom of Religion by American communists, but they are using gays as their battering ram.

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1 thought on “Britain may sue churches for refusing gay marriages”

  1. Legal or not, a Pastor or Priest should not be forced to marry gays if it is against their beliefs. They will be threatened and sued to perform gay marriages once they are legal against their will. This is something that is never mentioned during the debate, but lawyers know about it.

    Lawyers want gay marriage to be legalized so they can get in on the lawsuits against churches to force them to marry gays.

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