Bruce Springsteen: The First Debate Really Freaked Me Out

Steve Cooper

Courtesy of the Drudge Report

Dear Bruce,

The first debate freaked you out, because it exposed how little Obama knows about economics and you know even less for supporting him.
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6 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen: The First Debate Really Freaked Me Out”

  1. Useful idiots……

    Steve I have a burning question on my mind today, you have great foresight so I was wondering what your thoughts are as to what you think transpires tomorrow?

    1. Well, since day one I felt that Obama will steal the election, because this election is bigger than you all even think. I keep telling everyone to think Globally when it comes to this conspiracy. I think they are making look good and real, but the Dems will steal it with voter fraud and the Reps will be silent due to WW III being on the line.

      I am trying to think positive, because Romney is looking so strong, but I feel it is an illusion and so is our freedom at this point.

      If you asked me to bet money…I would say Obama (by voter fraud of course), but they will make it look close.

      1. Yes, the dems will definitely pull out all of the stops to try and steal this election – expect big-time shenanigans – recounts, lawsuits, voter fraud, etc.. And yes, there is global influence and global repercussions here. However, here is what you must all remember – this is still America.

        At some point, Americans, and I am excluding Obamaphoners and all other lazy-assed welfare sponges who are NOT Americans, but including hard-working folk like me, will at some point say “enough”. Now, I realize you don’t think it will ever happen. Most people can only think within their comfort zone and so they cannot imagine anything like a “revolution” taking place in the modern United States. The thought of dying for one’s country or the concept of individual freedom is incomprehensible to them. But not to everyone.

        It is natural to be inclined to think about how to get through any crisis with the least amount of damage or least amount of permanent change – and so it is natural to be drawn to conclusions that do not include something as violent and frightening as civilian war.

        Unless Romney whens this and Obama goes quietly, there is going to be a war – domestically – among freedom loving civilians and whatever opposing force there is. Maybe that’s misguided U.S. active military? Maybe it’s UN “Peace Keepers”? Maybe it’s foreign troops (read Russian)? It doesn’t matter. What matters is there is going to be a full-scale civilian war and most probably MILLIONS of U.S.Citizens are going to be killed – but we are not going to lay down for this shit forever.

        Unless we see a miracle tomorrow and Romney whens handily and there is a quiet and peaceful transfer of power in January – there WILL BE war. Yes, it is sickening to consider, but AMERICANS who UNDERSTAND what is at stake are not going to lay down and die so these utter shitbags can simply steal our country. It will be ugly. It will be devastating and Americans fighting for freedom may very well lose – but we will make certain that whatever is left of this country afterwards will not be worth taking. It sure as hell will not be what it is today. The Chinese and Russians may line up to divvy up the spoils… but freedom will not be extinguished and the American Spirit will NEVER die.

        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

        Let not your heart be troubled. It’s in God’s hands now, just as it has been all of this time.




  2. “If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal.” – Alice Cooper

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